Goodbye to Alleluia

Taking down the Alleluia at church.

We desist from saying Alleluia, the song chanted by angels, because we have been excluded from the company of the angels on account of Adam’s sin. In the Babylon of our earthly life we sit by the streams, weeping as we remember Sion. For as the children of Israel in an alien land hung their harps upon the willows, so we too must forget the Alleluia song in the season of sadness, of penance, and bitterness of heart.~Bishop William Duranti (1296)

I finally know what I’m doing for Lent.

In the past, I’ve always been of the opinion that if you’re going to be miserable, you may as be miserable for a purpose. Lose some weight, drop a bad habit, pick up a good one in its stead. But after reading Sister Mary Martha, I’ve been convicted and now share her opinion that Lent is not for self-improvement. So instead, I’ve picked something that I know will make me absolutely miserable. Yay!

Seriously, and without going into too much detail, I may not be hanging out on the internet so much. On the other hand, my time online may end up being much more productive, as I’m hoping my Lenten discipline will make me more… um… disciplined. But again, being disciplined is not a pleasant thing for me. I don’t even hold out hope it will benefit me beyond Lent. I’m doing it purely because I know it will make me miserable and will make God happy.

Today, we packed up the Valentine’s day decorations. Tomorrow, we put ashes on our forehead, fast, pray, and make promises. We’ll shroud the crosses and statues with purple and get out the Stations of the Cross. We’ll begin our Lenten journey. The little ones will make Lenten Boxes and we’ll hide the Alleluia until Easter.

And so, I wish you a blessed and holy Lent.

Daniel and his Sunday School friends, dancing goodbye to Alleluia.