Meal Plan Monday, Rhythms and Routines

Menu Plan Monday (and a peek at how we do it)

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OK, moving on.

Here’s our menu for the week. I have a shiny new laptop with a shiny new word program, so I got to make it all fancy. Hopefully this will work!

I also have a blank version of the menu here.

What really makes our menu planning quick and easy though is this– my master plan. I feel like I should insert an evil laugh after typing that. My Master Plan— bwah ha ha!

A few words of explanation:

I’ve color coded each day of the week with the Steiner-indicated color of the day (scroll down and you can see the chart). I’ll admit I don’t do a whole lot with this in my menu planning. Kara over at Rockin’ Granola does an awesome job incorporating them into her daily meal rhythm though. Eventually I would like to have tablecloths and/or napkins in the color of the day, but I honestly don’t foresee me making a huge deal out of this.

Under each day of the week you’ll see I listed the grain of the day, which Carrie over at Parenting Passageway explains here. I do try to work each day’s grain into the meal plan not because I believe the grain corresponding with the day has any sort of special power, but because I believe it is healthy to eat a wide variety of foods, including grains. No one in my family seems to have gluten issues, so using the grains of the day as a guideline works well for us.

You’ll see in this week’s plan that most recipes say “NB” next to them. This means that the recipes are in my March notebook. I tend to stick with one or two cookbooks each week when I do my planning to help keep things simple.

Also in the interest of keeping things simple, I’m not always great at writing out sides. I tend to buy a bunch of veggies and then just winging it. Possibly this is not the best way to go about things.

“Kids cook” means the kids cook. OK, usually I help. And the “theme” meal has something to do with what we’re learning usually. This week, for example, we’re making a Renaissance meal.

A cabinet snack means the kids can help themselves to whatever we have upstairs in the cupboards, fridge, fruit table, or snack bin. Generally though, I plan snacks. Otherwise they would just graze until their stomachs exploded.

You’ll also note that I put in any feast or festival days we’re celebrating. I also add in anything that makes the day out of the ordinary, like our field trip to the candy factory tomorrow.

Finally, I put in any kitchen tasks I need to do. I try to split my heavy kitchen work between Monday and Wednesday. We’ve been moving into a more whole foods diet, which is yummy but kind of labor intensive.

Feel free to download the menu form. I’d love to hear how you plan your meals!

ETA: I am trying to figure out how to embed the PDF right here on the page, but I am too tired. Goodnight!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday (and a peek at how we do it)”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I get in grain ruts. I like the idea of taking somewhat seriously the grain of the day. The document worked fine, btw. I also like to stick to a couple of cookbooks and I keep an index of which books have our favorite recipes (like pancakes). Not so much for me as for my girls one day. I have started a snack container for my young ones. I put enough snack in there for the three of them and they serve themselves. They love it. If there’s a snack in there, they can eat it, if not they wait for meal time. I am thinking of putting out fresh fruit every day–easy access for the older ones.

  2. I just thought I’d add, as for the color of the day, I bought beeswax candles in each color and we switch the color of the candle on the table daily. This is how we’ve incorporated the color of the day into our meals and the girls love the ritual of changing the candle and taking turns blowing out the match and candle at each meal.

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