Pantry Challenge: Chopped Edition, Day 3

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Day 2 was another success! We used the honey to sweeten our oatmeal at breakfast. For lunch we had a family favorite– tuna and cream cheese blended together, with crackers and pickles. For dinner I cooked the sausage and cut it into coins and served it with spaghetti, sauce, and green beans. I’m not a terribly creative cook, so if you’re looking for fascinatingly unique recipes, you’ve probably come to the wrong blog.

Todays basket includes:
Michael (fridge): Hummus
Katie Grace (cupboards): Bisquick
Nicholas (pantry): Boxed mac and cheese
Daniel (freezer): trout cakes

OK, I am seriously getting embarrassed by the amount of junk in my cupboards. Part of the problem is we tend to shop at the Amish/Mennonite surplus store, and things are dirt cheap, so I buy them up. Maybe using up the Bisquick will encourage me to finally make Master Mix. The hummus is yummy and leftover from co-op last week. The trout cakes are actually fairly healthy, and I have no excuse whatsoever for the mac and cheese, so I won’t even try. At least I’m keeping it real.

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    No shame for what you are using out of the pantry! At least you are using it up (and if you have the will power, not re-stock the stuff you want to cut out. Me personally – i LOVED boxed mac and cheese, i don’t think I’ll ever give it up! LOL).

    i think i need to try this challenge though, so much stuff stocked up that i haven’t touched (scary how old it maybe)

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