I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed… First Fan Fiction!

So, it’s not a big secret that we’re huge Harry Potter fans around here. We are, after all, the family that had Hogwarts Summer School not one, but two, summers in a row. On any given night, at least two (and usually more!) of my kids are listening to the audio books recorded by Jim Dale. We all dressed up to buy the last book.

What might be a secret is that I am a huge fan of (OK, and even have written some!) Harry Potter fan fiction.

And since children tend to imitate what they see around them, it should not have shocked me when Michael decided to dabble in a little fan fiction of his own. What did shock me, however, was the content:
Harry Potters Sixth Year

Cho Chang Gets Jealous

First of all, if you are wondering why J.K Rowling didn’t put this in the book it is because she is dumb and didn’t think of it.

Harry and Ginny were sitting in the three broomsticks. Harry was sipping a Butterbeer, and Ginny was stuffing her face with pie. (She’s fatter than she seems.) They chatted for awhile when Cho Chang came in. Harry new this was not a good thing as she had her wand drawn. She strode toward Harry and Ginny and said, “ I went to Madam PuddyFoots but you were not there.”

Harry said, “You think I am going back in there, after all the confetti that went into the toilet. Why are you here anyway, I have other friends now, right Ginny.”

“ Oh Yah”. They fist bumped and drew there wands. Now I must tell you that really there were no unforgivable curses. The “ Unforgivables were just spells. So it turned out that the three were dueling to the death. Finally, Ginny said, “ All right Cho duel to the death, winner gets to be Harry’s girlfriend.”

Cho made a fist pump and said, “ Girl, You Are SO ON!” They fought and fought. Green lights flashed everywhere. Ginny was on the fat side of the bacon. At last Cho made her mistake. Ginny shot a killing curse at her and Cho shouted “Protego!”

Before the jet of light reached Cho Ginny shouted “ REDUCTO! The shield shattered and the killing curse hit her right in the chest.

So Ginny was Harry’s girlfriend for a long time. And all because Cho didn’t make the D.A meeting were Harry showed them the curse , Reducto!

And the fact that he got his sister to partner with him to make some fan art:

Cheery, isn’t it?


  1. oh wow. wow. wow. This made me laugh.

    Great job bringing them up to be HP fans- I hear kids these days aren’t that into HP.

    (I also have trouble thinking that they’re old enough to write stories like that, though)

  2. Glad to made you laugh! Michael is actually quite the accomplished author. He likes to publish “The Frontz Gazette,” a family newspaper.

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