Spotlight on… Michael


I thought I would take some time to reaquaint you with our family. It also gives *me* an opportunity to reflect a little on my children and the wonderful people they’ve become, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with that.

Michael is now an amazing 17-year-old young man. He is a junior at our local creative and performing arts magnet school, where he “majors” in instrumental music. Specifically, he plays the cello, although he also dabbles in piano, singing, and composition. Somehow, he’s gone from an 8-year-old boy who whined about cello practice to a 17-year-old who practices for hours on end and has to be told to stop playing at night because other people are trying to sleep.

Michael cello collage

He currently plays not only with his school orchestra and ensembles, but also as part of the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra. He studies both at school and with the City Music Center at Duquesne University. He also played at the Andy Warhol Museum earlier this year with his contemporary music ensemble, Antithesis and last year play at Carnegie Hall in New York City (as opposed to the twenty thousand Carnegie Halls we have here in Pittsburgh) with the Three Rivers Youth Symphony Orchestra.This doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for extra-curriculars, but he’s still managed to play in the pit orchestras of high high school, Undercroft Opera, and the Pittsburgh Savoyards, as well as solo gigs around Pittsburgh. He spends lots of times with friends, and is also active in the FSU, the BSU, and is interested in social justice issues such as gender equality and LGBT rights.

I am proud? You bet I am. Can you blame me? He’s more than a cellist. Michael is an amazing, talented, bright kid with a great, snarky sense of humor. He’s an excellent conversationalist, good student, and all around decent human being. I am not sure where the next chapter in his life will take him, but I can’ wait to see.

Michael cello case

PS: I found some videos of Michael performing both on his own and with some of his ensembles.

This is a piece he wrote that won a competition:

And this is his cello response to the death of Sandra Bland:



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    I love the photos! So neat to see him at three different ages doing the same thing.

    He sounds like a young man to be proud of.

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