Workbox Wednesday: Michael


A day in Michael’s life… minus his main lesson.

First up was spelling. No picture, but trust me, it wasn’t very exciting.

Then he had Christian Ed. He’s v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y working his way through Christian Studies. Today he copied the memory verse in his main lesson book.

As part of his botany main lesson, he’s “adopting” a tree in the yard. He took this photo, using the “law of thirds” he learned about in the Digital Photography club at our homeschool co-op. When he came in, he wrote a story from the tree’s point of view.

Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents. He passed the Bridge!

His independent reading right now is My Side of the Mountain. He’s really enjoying it!
Of course, he had to be a bit of a ham for the picture.
He practiced cello, but didn’t really have anything to do since he hasn’t started back up again after the holidays. So he taught himself to play the theme from Star Wars! The video is sideways and Daniel is singing along VERY loudly, but you can still get the idea.

He went online and read the story of the corn spirit, and then did a narration and illustration in his botany main lesson book.

He wrapped things up with three short review questions in his math book.
If you’re counting, that’s only 8 workboxes rather than the recommended 12. There may have been one I missed. Michael would much rather have 10 plain old workboxes than be thrown any sort of extra fun stuff to keep him busy. He’s a very “down to business” kind of kid, LOL!

Workbox Wednesday: Michael


Workboxes are great for the little ones, but my older children were somewhat resistant to the idea. To make it a little more palatable, I use file folders rather than boxes for my older two. Here is what Michael, my ten-year-old fifth grader, is up to.
Today was the feast of Sts. Simon and Jude. Michael read about St. Jude in A Year With God. It was a rather cutting edge graphic novel presentation of the saint’s life. Very cool. He then made a main lesson book page.

Next he visited Spelling City on our very messy computer and practiced his spelling words. Test tomorrow! Also, looking at the picture, there’s some weird shadow stuff going on. Our computer area is messy, but not that messy!

Next he revised some writing.

And then on to Life of Fred.

Fellowship of the Rings was next.

And then grammar– pronouns in Voyages in English. I generally try to make grammar more interesting, but today just opted for some exercises in the text book.

Then he moved into the kitchen for Calculadder, a timed math drill we do several times a week. To save paper, I bought the CD-ROM from Rainbow Resource. I then printed them out and put them in page protectors in a binder so they can erase and re-do as needed.

Next was a logic puzzle. Michael is doing a critical thinking class at co-op and really enjoys these.

He conducted an experiment on how salt melts ice and lowers the melting point.
And then added a “lab report” to his science main lesson book.

Mad Libs–especially Star Wars Mad Libs– are a great way to review the parts of grammar.

And finally, he wound things up by writing in his journal.

Keep in mind, his files are by no means a complete curriculum. He also has a main lesson with me each day, which lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. This month, we worked on folk tales, although as I admitted in an earlier post, October has been a bit of a loss. Every other week he also practices cello as part of his independent work (on alternate weeks his cello is at the local elementary school, where he participates in orchestra daily).


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    I love it. It looks like a great system. And a fantastic learning day for Michael. I wish you were my teacher.

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    Well, today I was a bit of a shrieking harpy, LOL! We have our ups and downs. But the Workboxes really help keep everyone occupied and out of trouble. I even fill three each day for Daniel!

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