Michaelmas, or the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, is coming soon! September 29, to be exact.

St. Michael and his little dragon, circa 2009

Michaelmas has always been tricky for us. It is both Nicholas’s birthday and Michael’s nameday, and each celebration has its own family traditions. It was hard to fit St. Michael in there as well! But it’s always felt like such an important holiday to mark and I’ve always struggled with not giving it due attention. This year, with my Michael gone off to college, it finally occurred to me– we don’t have to do it the same day as Nick’s birthday. We can do it the day before or the day after. The Waldorf police will not come and get us. And if they try, they won’t find us, because on Nick’s birthday we will be at a “slumber party screening” of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

So, do you have Michaelmas plans? Are you ready to make some? Because I have some great ideas for you!

First, I have an entire Pinterest board full of Michaelmas ideas. I will try and go through later this week and make sure there are no dead links, but there are some really cute ideas on there.

Here on Seasons of Joy I have some links as well.

And I did a series a while back on Michaelmas for grown ups, called  Slaying the Dragons. It was important to me then and I think it’s something I will revisit during that week. The five-part series included

And now some new stuff!

I’ll post more as the planning continues. I hope you’ll share your plans here in the comments or on the Seasons of Joy Facebook page as well.