Taming the Dragons: Anger

There’s a dragon in our house.

He stays hidden for good long stretches of time, but when someone is hurt or offended or frustrated, he pops out his angry head and goes on the attack. He’s a mean dragon. A loud dragon.

An anger dragon.

We’ve talked a lot about taming the anger dragon. We’ve discussed how, when the anger dragon attacks, it leaves no room for grace, no room for the other person to explain or apologize. The anger dragon makes it impossible for any kind of caring conversation to take place, because in the face of such rage, all the other person can do is flee or fight.

We’ve talked about how the anger dragon steals our joy. It makes us see one another in the worst possible light. The anger dragon doesn’t want to make peace, it just wants to hurt.

But we can do hard things. We can tell the anger dragon to quiet down so we can listen to one another. We can allow our better natures to shine through and let love and not anger be our guiding star. We can assume good intent. We can choose peace.

The saddest part is that there’s not just one anger dragon that dwells in our home, but eight. Even the babies each seem to have their own little hatchlings. But like St. Michael, we’ve decided to cast those dragons out of this Paradise we try to make our home, and like St. George, with God’s help, we can conquer the anger dragon once and for all.



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    What a wonderful post. I did one on everyday dragons today as well. Just shared yours on my FB page. Thank you for sharing!

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    thankyou for this post its a good way to teach young children about anger. How do you explain 2 yrolds and 4 yr olds how to handle anger especially when even I as the mother have trouble handling it?

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