2015… One little word


Every year I pick a watchword or “one little word” to be my guide for the year. Last year, it was fly, and my year was amazing. I have learned so much this past year, about myself and about the world. I got a fabulous new job, released my children onto the world, made amazing friends, pursued my own interests, and generally had a hell of a good time. Past words have been home, joy, hope, and peace.

Graphic by Graphique on Etsy

While choosing this year’s word, I was torn between two—dare and bloom. As is my habit, I crowdsourced and polled my friends on which word I should pick. Overwhelmingly, the choice was bloom. My friends’ biggest concern seemed to be that daring for daring’s sake was not what I necessarily hoped to accomplish, and might lead to some poor decisions. Or, as another friend put it, last year was my year to fly… this year is my year to blossom and come into my own.

Mary Engelbriet has always been one of my favorite pop/commercial artists. One of her very first pictures I fell in love with featured the phrase “Bloom where you’re planted.”


I’m not quite sure how this year will turn out. My year to fly certainly was filled with me spreading my wings. My year of “home” ended with me getting a job. The year of joy left me making important decisions about what lengths I was willing to go to in order to find my bliss. My year of hope was a long road to recovery, and my year of peace ended with twins. Life has a strange habit of working out in ways you least expect it. So, this year I will dare to bloom, and I’ll see where it takes me.