Good morning!

And happy 2017!

But we’re all still here. See?

Doctor Who fam

This poor little neglected blog…  Part of is it that I’m really not sure what to do with it. Do people even read blogs anymore? I think they do. I know I do, at least sometimes. But it started as an early childhood blog, and while technically the Twinkies can still be considered early childhood, which spans birth through age 8, most of my kiddos are well past. Heck, my oldest is applying and auditioning for colleges! And it was a homeschool blog, and all my children are in public school. And it was a Waldorf blog, and even though we still hold to some core Waldorf principles, we also have a fair amount of Reggio Emilio, Montessori, and regular mainstream life going on. And really, I’m not even doing that much teaching anymore, although I miss it terribly.

The epilepsy is still not solidly under control. We’ve tried some new treatments, which are promising, but short of a fairy godmother granting me a wish and curing me completely, the best of treatments are only going to work most of the time. I do miss teaching though! And especially the wee ones.

So, I’m still hanging out at home, writing and crafting and homemaking and wondering what the next step is. The children are doing great. And I miss this tiny space in the internet that I’ve always seen as a bit of a haven.

I look at the categories on the sidebar, and many of them are still things I am passionate about…



Books and literature.

Daily living.

Fairy Tales.

Feasts and Festivals.

Green Living.

Harry Potter.



Reggio Emilia.



And I can’t believe I never had an equation for general geekery.

Now to just mix those things together, find the magic word, and create a concoction that can still be called Seasons of Joy.

Peace, my friends.