Helicoptor parent or guardian?

Cuddled up with Big Brother Michael to take a nap

Molly calls throwing up “makin’ nasties.”

Pretty cute, huh?

Maybe. But it definitely loses cute points at 1:30 AM.

Poor baby.

In the middle of the night, we did the Twinkie shuffle. Matthew not-so-happily went downstairs to sleep with Daddy on the sofa bed. Molly and the barf bowl bunked with me, as did Katie Grace once she changed her clothes, stripped her bedding, and cracked open a window to air out her room. What an awesome big sister!

On my one side, there was Katie Grace sleeping soundly.

And on the other side, Molly slept, albeit restlessly.

Me? I didn’t sleep so much.

I don’t do vomit. I mean granted, I don’t know too many people who rejoice at the sight of spewage, but I REALLY don’t do vomit. Or maybe the problem is I do vomit all to well. One hint of it, and I’m barfing right along.

So, every time Molly squirmed in her sleep, I worried that vomit was forthcoming. And every time she whimpered, I kissed her little head, because it didn’t matter if the vomit was imminent or not– she needed her mama. And every time she stirred and I snuggled and patted her, I heard myself whispering the same the same thing.

Shhhh… it’s OK. Mama’s watching out for you. I’ve got you.

And since I couldn’t sleep, I pondered these words over and over and over again.

I’m watching out for you.

I’ve got you.

In a world that likes to throw around words like “helicopter parents” and “hover mother” and “over-protective,” we might start to believe that looking out for our kids is an antiquated part of the mothering job description.

It isn’t.

We’re meant to watch over them, keep them safe.

It’s our job to filter out the garbage and keep their world as safe and lovely and as pure as we can. That’s not hovering– it’s parenting. It’s what we’re meant to do.

Don’t think for a moment that I’m suggesting we contort ourselves trying to smooth every pathway so our super special little snowflakes only ever walk on roses. I’m not suggesting that at all. But if it is in your power to choose between what is pure and lovely and right and good and what is essentially vomit, for heaven’s sake, ditch the vomit!

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the sure knowledge that they don’t have to navigate this great big scary world all by themselves. Get rid of those negative names and substitute ones that are more true to your mission as mother.




I’m watching out for you.

I’ve got you.


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    beautiful! and such perfect timing. thank you for such beautiful words. i hope your wee one is on the mend. <3

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    Words of wisdom here. Thanks Annette.

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    Well said! Thank you!

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