The Summer of Musicals

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

So, I’m still home. I’m facing the reality that life as I knew it might be a bygone thing, and I’m learning to find my peace with it. My therapist– and let’s face it, when you’re going through this sort of life upheaval, it’s really to your benefit to have a therapist– suggested, when I told her how much I miss writing and blogging that I channel that energy into writing about life with epilepsy instead. I thought about it, but then decided I really didn’t want to. I don’t like living with epilepsy and I certainly don’t want to write about it. Instead, I’ve decided to go back to blogging and writing about my passion– play-based early childhood education. At first, I wondered if I really could. I’m not homeschooling. I’m not teaching. I’ll have my children for the summer, but then they’re back to school. Can I really still blog about these things, or would I be a fraud?

And my conclusion was that yes, I could. I’m passionate about it. I have great ideas. And most of all, I want to share and help other parents and teachers connect with their children and students. So, I’m writing. People can read or not, but I’m writing. And I have lots and lots of ideas. 🙂

Eventually, I may post an update about how the epilepsy stuff is going, including my super exciting five day stay in the epilepsy monitoring unit, but right now, I want to tell you about our summer theme. Some readers may remember, back before I was working full-time, we had some amazing themed summers. There was Hogwarts Summer School. Another summer we had Camp Half-Blood and Junior Olympian Day Camp. Then there was the summer we fell in love with Blue Baillett‘s Calder Games series and followed a rabbit trail of pentominos, Frank Lloyd Wright, Vermeer and other artists, and mobiles and stabiles a la Alexander Calder.

Years have passed, and we have definitely fallen into the label of “arts family.” I’ve got three in the local performing arts magnet school, one cellist, one in an amazing local choir, one who has been in several theatrical productions, and two in boys’ choir. There’s lots of singing and dancing and music here. So this summer is our Summer of Musicals.

I’ll post more about this week’s musical and share some of our activities tomorrow, but here’s a hint…



  1. You are amazing and strong. You persevere with such grace and good humor!

  2. I loved reading your blog and am thrilled you are back! I get the musical family thing- we are there too! Can’t wait to read more. ?

  3. And that question mark should be an ! Instead. ?

  4. I am looking forward to reading more this summer!

  5. You should continue to write about your passion! You are such a wealth of information. I still use your curriculum with my littlest and the oldest joins in with fond memories!

  6. Go girl! I can’t wait to read all about your learning ideas!

  7. Good for you, Annette!

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