Update on Me!


Seasons of Joy AnnetteYou may have noticed that things have sort of dried up here for a bit. That’s because we’ve reached the part of the show where I give an update on me, and I don’t really want to give an update on me.

When last you heard an update from me, I was newly divorced but co-parently fairly successfully, singing in operas and choirs, working as an early childhood educator in a Reggio-inspired preschool (in the Infant Wing, to be precise). and generally enjoying life. Since then I’ve dialed back a bit on the outside engagements– still singing but traded in stage time for a church job– and also focused more of my performance energy on helping the children follow their stage dreams. I moved out of the Infant Wing and was last in a preschool classroom, which I really was enjoying. I was able to focus on some curricular interests that were close to my hear; specifically, yoga and storytelling, music and movement, and art appreciation.

Unfortunately, with the new year came an uptick in my seizure symptoms. Whereas before they were very easy to see coming and fairly rare, they became more frequent and less predictable. I had a very negative reaction to a medication adjustment. About a month ago, I was hospitalized and I have unfortunately been out of work on short term disability ever since.


Dr. Pugsley and Bridget at the Hospital

The meds make me super sleepy– I tend to randomly fall asleep several times a day– and worse, have given me pretty severe aphasia. I stutter and sputter and completely lose words. If you know me even a little bit, you know how in love with words I am in and what a hardship this is for me. Strangely enough, this only affects spoken word. Written language and singing are both largely fine. I have lovely pockets of time randomly spaced throughout the day where I can speak just fine. It’s all very odd.

Which leaves me… I don’t know. In Limbo, I guess. I have reservations at the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit in about a month and we’ll see what we can see.

Looking on the bright side, I have an amazing support system, incredible friends and family. I’m pretty lucky. I’ve had a lot of love and grace shown to me over the last month. And I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve had with my little ones. I’ve done some cool stuff around the house. I’ve gotten back into couponing. I’ve made some meals that haven’t come out of the crock pot.  I’ve watched roughly 210 episodes of NCIS. And I’m back to writing again.

So… that’s out of the way, this update on me that I’ve been putting off. But it’s a hard thing that needed doing.

Any questions? Ask away!


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  2. Annette, I’m so sorry that you’re going through such a rough time! Divorce is difficult enough without adding that kind of medical issue on top of it all. Sending positive thoughts and the hope that things smooth out for you very soon.

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