Welcome to Seasons of Joy!

Welcome to this peaceful spot on the internet, and thank you for your patience as we move together through this time of transition! Pour yourself a cup of tea and let’s get to know one another.

As I write this, it is Easter Sunday. While I woke early, made coffee, hid Easter baskets, made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and spoke with my eldest child on the phone for over an hour, my health eventually got the better of me and I spent much of the day in bed. I have been coming to terms with many things lately- my health challenges, my work schedule, my dreams and goals, my children’s needs. I feel like there is so much inside of me, so many different people I want to be. Honestly, deep down, I have the same unsettled feeling I had at 18. I thought I would have outgrown it by now. But, here we are.

The heart of my universe is my family. It has changed throughout the year and will continue to do so– I thought I was marrying a band director, ended up married to a pastor, and, after 20 years, divorced. I went from one tiny human to six children spanning 13 years. Now two are successfully launched off into college. My “babies” are 10-year-old twins. This blog, as inconsistent as it’s been, has chronicled 15 years of growing and learning together.

The tagline of this blog is “celebrating magical families and peaceful days.” That is what Seasons of Joy has always been about. Magic and peace. Excitement and quiet. Rhythms and routines and a dose of the unexpected. That is what I hope this space continues to be. Above all, this little corner of the internet is about encouraging and lifting up families, no matter what they look like. You can expect to continue to hear about my family as children, although now we are crisis pandemic remote schooling rather than homeschooling, living in a medium-sized city, and working together as a single-parent home. It’s quite a different focus from those early baby years I used to blog about. I also have epilepsy, which has been a struggle and a challenge.

I still have a great affinity for Waldorf education, although I am not unaware or uncritical of its thoughts. I believe the heart of Waldorf education is more than Rudolf Steiner and transcends his limited and flawed belief. I’ve never been a “Steiner says”-er, and as the world enters this new era of Truth and Awakening, I hope we can continue to dwell in rhythms and routines, feasts and festivals, maintaining protective attitude towards the sacredness of childhood and growing up while letting go of the hurtful aspects that divide and hurt. I see the evolution in my own writings and continue to work on revising Seasons of Joy Early Childhood Curriculum, especially when I am actively leading Seasonal Circle Times on Outschool.

I am a licensed Kindermusik Educator and a private voice and piano teacher.  I love Kindermusik because of it’s whole-child approach to music education, connecting families through music with a strong emphasis on traditional songs and stories. This methodology informs my private lesson practice, which takes place on three different platforms– locally, through a private studio; online, through Outschool; and via private lessons on Zoom. The pandemic has helped me find a new, unexpected home giving lessons via the internet, and I love that the Universe seems to send me quirky kids. I teach group lessons and classes for ages 3 and up on Outschool and am comfortable giving lessons for children aged 5 and up, following the whole-child, play-based approach that is grounded in developmentally appropriate practice and joyful learning. I am a member of NATS (National Organization of Teachers of Singing) and a certified Vocal First Aider, accredited through NCFE. I also work as a drama/musical theater teaching artist and offer some of those classes on Outschool as well.

Finally, I have recently embarked on another adventure– I am a Disney Travel Agent. I know that Disney might not gel with the Waldorf Purists, but I find a magic there that I’ve yet to find anywhere else, and I love the music and theater Disney produces as well. I do have a separate page for my Disney and Family Travel Adventures Services, but Disney is a big part of our family culture, as are trips to Broadway and New York City, so you can expect to hear a bit about that here as well.

So, to summarize, what are my hopes and dreams for this space?

  • To continue to create a safe place that values all families, no matter what they look like
  • To bring magical moments into everyday life and to plant special extraordinary moments that bloom into lifelong memories
  • To help families establish rhythms and routines that lead to peaceful days
  • To encourage ways of interacting with one another that promote peace and understanding
  • To actively work to be anti-racist and to amplify Black/ BIPOC voices, including decolonizing the music education community and being mindful in my own teaching practices
  • To support and encourage women- and Black-owned small businesses.
    This includes sharing my own business enterprises
  • To be a voice of encouragement and support for disabled people, including myself and my children
  • To be open and honest in sharing my own victories and struggles as a single mother, a mother of many, a disabled woman, a women who has grown out of a small, self-centered view of the world and into a more global, liberal perspective, a woman working multiple jobs in the modern “gig” economy while trying to stay afloat and keep everything moving smoothly

I hope you’ll join me for this journey and share your own thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams.

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