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A Week in Review

Three posts today, and no posts last week. It was a rough week, but we did get lots done.

Sunday was Michael’s First Communion. Except it wasn’t, because in the ELCA, children can technically receive Communion from the time their baptized, so Michael has been receiving since he was around a year old. This was a hard day for me actually, one of the hardest parts of raising Little Lutherans.

This is Michael and his buddy Lukey.

And cake! Everybody loves cake!

Monday was Rosa Parks birthday, and we talked about the life of this wonderful woman.

On Shrove Tuesday, we had pancakes for dinner.

Ash Wednesday was spent getting the house ready for Lent.
It was a rainy, dreary, cold day, and my four little ones and I went to Mater Delarosa to receive ashes at noon. When Father blessed Daniel, Daniel gave him the biggest baby grin, and both Father and Monsignor couldn’t help but laugh out loud. By the time we got to the car, Daniel’s ashes were pretty much gone. Michael said, “I guess Dust doesn’t really stick to babies.”

On Thursday, we changed out the Nature Table.
We’ll definitely have fun adding more to King Winter’s kingdom!

I also couldn’t help but notice I had three matching children on Thursday, and I couldn’t resist a picture.

On Friday, we traveled about three hours to stay with some college friends. They’re also homeschoolers, as you may be able to tell by the great bookshelves. Here are their three girls with our crew.

We spent the night and made our way to our main destination on Saturday- the Benadum theater in Pittsburgh to see The Lion King. I’ll blog a little about that separately, I think, but here are some pictures.
The opening curtain and beautiful stage.

And two happy children before the curtain went up. Daniel and Nicholas went with Daddy to the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum.

And Katie Grace wanted me to take a picture of the chandelier, because it was pretty.

After the play, we stopped for dinner. A lady came up to us and said, “When I saw them seat a family with four little kids next to us, I almost cried. But your children are very well behaved!” I didn’t quite know how to take that!

We left the restaurant around 7 and pulled up in front of our house at 11. We would have gotten home sooner, but we hit horrible fog. I prayed for the last hour of the trip!

The today, I caught Daniel doing this:

Time to dig out the baby gates!

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous week. 🙂

    I’m laughing over the bit about the homeschooling friends and their books. The two go hand in hand!

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