Magic Items

If you’ve read the Percy Jackson books, you’ll recognize the concept– many of the demigod’s have “magic items,” gifts from their immortal parents or someone else who cares for them. Annabeth has a magical Yankees cap that renders her invisible, Percy has his sword, Riptide, and later a shield created for him by his brother, Tyson. It’s a fairly common convention in stories (Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak, anyone?) but still one that captures children’s imaginations.

One of Nicholas’s favorite pastimes lately is to cuddle up with me and say “Mama, let’s think of magic items.” Some of my favorites so far:
a blanket that makes you have sweet dreams
a comforter that, when you throw it on your enemy, makes them fall asleep right away
glasses that help you see through things
earrings that allow you listen to other people’s conversations
a magic cup that always refilled with whatever you were thirsty for

He also thought of a magical laptop, even though he hasn’t gotten to that book yet!