Spotlight on… Nicholas


It’s spring break week for all my kiddos. And luckily (???) I’ve been dealing with some fairly serious medical issues that mean I get to be here at home with them while they’re on break. And this little guy? He’s just the sweetest.


Nicholas is always there with a sweet hug and kind words. He goes through life with a pretty good sense of humor, and even when things do go wrong (like when I accidentally shaved him bald during the Great Lice Epidemic of 2015, he rallies nicely.


Nick finally gave up the Nicholites, his imaginary army of ghost friends, and has traded them in for real life adventures instead. Like his two older siblings, Nicholas also attends the local creative and performing arts school as a middle school vocal arts major. He is active in a boys’ choir, Vivo, which is part of the Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts. He’s also involved in school groups and productions. He was a wonderful horse in Cinderella earlier this year and played a supernumerary (non-singing role) in Undercroft Opera‘s production of Norma.

normaThat’s him with his brother Daniel up on the stairs, looking concerned because they’re about to be sacrificed.

Beyond that, Nicholas is really interested in gaming, especially Magic, Pokemon, and Digimon.  He attends game club weekly at school and likes to bring new ideas home for us to share. He no longer wants to be an architect but not says he wants to be “an inventor,” so I’m trying to help him figure out what that means for him. Lately, he’s shown an interest in sound design//engineering.

He still has an obsession with all things Harry Potter and this year for his 12th birthday, he finally got his Hogwarts letter!


He is also still really into the Rick Riordan books and we enjoyed discussing Magnus Chase and Norse mythology together.

And that’s my Nick– loving, sweet, dreamy, inventive, head in the clouds, but feet on the ground ready for action.

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    He sounds like a lot of fun! Loads of imagination……I bet that whatever he invents will be really creative!

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