From the archives: A stringing box

Create a “stringing box” for your little one. Stringing and lacing are
great for small motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It it also
fun for a child to create their own dress ups! Find a little box and
decorate it with your child.

Some items stringing include:
large wooden beads (see craft stores or education supply stores or
“special” beads in unique shapes
wooden spools
drinking straws cut in various lengths
paper shapes with holes punched in the center (an older child might
enjoy making these!)
wooden stringing and lacing shapes
lengths of shoe lace or yarn with tape on the ends to make stringing
anything else you can think of!

One of the first toys I ever made for my babies was a fingerknitted
cord strung with natural wooden beads from the craft store. My babies
loved to move the beads up and down the cord, and chase them as I
pulled them across the floor when they learned to crawl.

An idea posted earlier, but worth repeating, is to string O-shaped
cereal on a piece of yarn and let your child wear it as a necklace
when you go on a hike.