The gnomes are here!

Nicholas has been enjoying all sorts of little gnome stories and projects. We added a little beeswax gnome to our nature table last week:
And this week we made gnome treasure:
Nicholas drew a Mama Gnome and a Kid Gnome. I try to model the “waldorf-style” of drawing for him, but he just learned to draw stick figures and is way into it:
Today we painted gnome treasure–gold in a blue sack, hiding in the green grass:
The gnome color hunt was fun, too!

We’re still doing the gnome circle time from Autumn Seasons of Joy. Daniel’s been joining in, which is very sweet. His favorite part?

There was a little gnome
Who had a little crumb,
And over the mountain he did run
With a belly full of fat
And a tall pointy hat
And a pancake stuck to his bum, bum, bum!