Nursery Rhyme Nursery School, Version 2.0

I am so excited!!!!

One of the things I loved doing with Nicholas during his four-year-old year was “nursery rhyme nursery school.” Non-academic in nature, it’s intent is to form as a sort of bridge between the somewhat free-for-all first three years of life and the more structured life of a homeschooler. It’s a time when we’re intentional about sitting down and doing an activity a couple times a day. It’s a time when I’m intentional about spending time with him. It introduces him more formally to our weekly rhythms, and believe me, he holds me accountable! Additionally, it’s a chance to make sure he’s familiar with nursery rhymes and poems, an important part of cultural literacy.

Mostly though? It’s just fun!

Unfortunately, given all my homeschool hardships, my efforts at being intentional with Nursery Rhyme Nursery School have been sporadic at best. No more! One great thing about so many kids in the family is that it isn’t just up to me– the older children can spend some time having fun with Nicholas as well. Additionally, our new schedule frees up some time for me to plan some fun with my Danny Boy.

This month we’re starting off with a music theme. Because we do seasonal stuff together as a family, I like to keep my Nursery Rhyme Nursery School themes separate but complementary. We still do a seasonal circle, working in the nursery rhymes when we can.

So, without further ado, here is this week’s rhyme:

You can listen to a song version of this rhyme and print out the music here.