A day in Michael’s life… minus his main lesson.

First up was spelling. No picture, but trust me, it wasn’t very exciting.

Then he had Christian Ed. He’s v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y working his way through Christian Studies. Today he copied the memory verse in his main lesson book.

As part of his botany main lesson, he’s “adopting” a tree in the yard. He took this photo, using the “law of thirds” he learned about in the Digital Photography club at our homeschool co-op. When he came in, he wrote a story from the tree’s point of view.

Bean soup, chicken soup, soup with macaroni
Cream of broccoli soup, minestrone
Potato soup, tomato soup, chowder made with clam
Miso soup, mushroom soup, split pea with ham
Bouillon, scallion, tom kha gai with lemongrass
Matzo ball, chili bean, cream of asparagus

John McCutcheon is one of my all-time favorite musicians. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s a contemporary folk singer who composes songs for adults and children alike. And he’s one of those rare breeds whose children’s songs appeal to adults as well. He’s humorous, poignant, and not too sappy.

We’re back in the saddle again…

After waking up, a breakfast of oatmeal, and some laundry folding, we got started on our day. We’ve changed up our routine a bit, and are now doing our “together” stuff (Story of the World and any art/music/etc) first thing. This has made an amazing difference– we’re now pretty much finished by lunch except for read-aloud and orchestra, and if there is anything left, it’s stuff they can do independently. Cool beans.

We started out with devotions. We’re learning about the names of Jesus. Today we read in the Bible that He is a “wonderful counselor”. We had an interesting discussion about what that means.

We’re having a giveaway for Winter Seasons of Joy over here, but I wanted to share a little more of what’s included for the $15 price.

1. Circle Time
Winter gathering verse, winter candle lighting verse, winter end of circle verse
5 circle times: A Winter Adventure, Winter Woods, Winter Tea Time, Winter Light, and Jack Frost
Both traditional and original finger plays, songs, poems, and verses, and music is written out.

2. Fairy Tales
Five fairy tales with extension activities: The Candles, The Mitten, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Star Money, and The Boy Who Went to the West Wind. Original and traditional music is also included.

Our winter woods animals surrounding our Circle Time candle
and Angel of the Forest on the mantle

We had a wonderful time today doing the “Winter Woods” movement journey from Winter Seasons of Joy. While it’s not practical for us to go out into the woods for real right now– it’s bitterly cold here!– I really do feel like we’ve created a feeling of reverence for Mother Nature and her winter animals during this circle.

Favorite activities include moving like some of our favorite animals, pretending to ice skate on a frozen pond with fishies swimming deep underneath, and playing “Gray Squirrel” by hiding a beanbag “seed” somewhere and finding it again.