Planning Retreat: Getting Ready for Kindergarten


I’m not a Waldorf purist, something I think everyone who knows me well recognizes. But I do happen to think they do kindergarten very, very well and have all the right ideas. Here are some of my favorite resources for preparing for a Waldorf kindergarten year.

Article: The Waldorf Kindergarten: The World of the Young Child

If one observes children who, through proper upbringing, have developed a natural reverence for the adults around them, and if one follows them through their various phases of life, one may discover that their feelings for reverence and devotion in childhood gradually transform during the years leading to old age. As adults, such persons may have a healing effect on others, so that through their mere presence, tone of voice, or perhaps a single glance they spread inner peace to others. Their presence can be a blessing, because as children they have learned to venerate and to pray in the right way. No hands can bless in old age, unless in childhood they have been folded in prayer.

Book: The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book
This is a great book with wonderful recipes to make with your child. It also has some beautiful insights into the kindy years.

Blog Entry: More Thoughts on the Waldorf Kindergarten

Online Store for Materials: A Toy Garden
Be sure to join her mailing list, as she often has special coupon codes!

Book: Kindergarten with Your Three to Six Year Old
Excellent resource. If you only buy this book, I would recommend this one.

Website: Waldorf Clearinghouse Newsletter
Tons of free resources not only for the kindergarten years, but for older children as well.

Website: Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America, or WECAN
I know I linked to a specific article earlier, but their whole website is a great resource. I have many old copies of Gateways that have been a great help to me.

Book: Let Us Form a Ring
Anthology of kindergarten songs and stories from the Acorn Hill Children’s Center in Maryland. Celebrations of the rhythm of the day and of the year as well as birthdays are included. An excellent resource book for parents and teachers.

Ebook: Before the Journey and A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling Kindergarten
Melissa over at A Little Garden Family provides these resources for the early childhood years. You can also check out her blog for more inspiration.

Website: The Baldwin Project
This is my go-to site for fairy tales and other stories for all levels of homeschooling. It’s a tremendous resource. You may also want to check out Selecting Fairy Tales, an article from Waldorf in the Home.

Books: Wynstones Press series, A Child’s Seasonal Treasury, and A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme
These are some other resources that help me get through my days.

And finally, at the risk of tooting my own horn, I do use my own Seasons of Joy books quite a lot.

I’m in a unique situation this year. Nicholas actually turned five at the end of last September, and will be turning six this autumn. We held off on any sort of “formal” kindergarten time. I still don’t feel that he’s ready for anything too academic, but I will be introducing him to the letters this year. I won’t expect him to write them, unless that’s something he initiates, but we will be using fairy tales as a gateway to the alphabet. So, several more alphabet resources:
LMNOP and all the Letters A to Z
A Spirited Alphabet
Waldorf Alphabet Book
The Wise Enchanter: A Journey Through the Alphabet

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