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So you want to put together a main lesson block/unit study…

Here are some of the places I like to check when I am planning..,


I like to check out what Eugene Schwartz has to say about the lesson. I might also pop over to A Little Garden Flower and see what Melisa has to say. The last expert I like to check is Christopherus. I don’t necessarily buy anything– I just like to get a feel for what they have to say about the lesson.


I like to check out the following free resources:

My library (put  books on hold!)

I pop over to to pick some stories.

The Online Waldorf Library always has some good stuff as well.

Homeschool Share has free printables, lapbooks, etc.

I look for inspiration in the Waldorf Teacher Gallery.


If I have a little money to spend I might go over to  Currclick and see what they have:

I also have a few favorite blogs I like to check out for inspiration:

Faerie School archives
Our Little Nature Nest
The Parenting Passageway
Hawaii’ian Dreaming

Ancient Hearth
Schooling from the Heart

Mind you, these are just some online resources. I haven’t even begun to list all the print resources out there!

Where do you like to look for main lesson inspiration?

2 thoughts on “So you want to put together a main lesson block/unit study…”

  1. The first place I go is Marsha Johnson’s files on the waldorfhomeeducators yahoogroup. Then Our Little Nature Nest because I’m doing third grade next year and that’s the bulk of her blog.

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