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This week’s feasts and festivals, plans and projects

Mmmm… not a whole lot going on this week, at least as far as feasts and festivals go. It’s still Lent… it’s still winter. We do have April Fools Day on Friday, but it being a Friday (fast day!) during Lent might dampen things a bit.

School-wise we’re all learning about the ancient Egyptians together. We’ll start mummifying an apple– I just couldn’t give up a chicken to the cause; it seemed too wasteful– and will also work on the Egypt part of our History Pockets book. We’ll also be exploring some early writing systems such as cuneiform and hieroglyphics. Who knows what else we’ll come up with?

We’re wrapping up a month of focusing on honesty as our character study. Next month we’ll be moving on to thankfulness/gratefulness.

The wonderful book Chasing Vermeer has interested us all in the artist’s paintings, so we’ll be looking closely at some of those this week. We’ll also be looking at some other Dutch artists like Rembrandt and learning on drawing faces.

We’re going to dust off our nature backpack and make at least one trip to the park, whether permitting.

Individually, Michael is continuing his individual studies. Katie Grace will keep working on fractions with an emphasis on cooking and Nicholas will continue with the math gnomes. Nicholas is also expecting a visit from the tooth fairy, finally! He’s seven and a half!

We’ll chivy spring along a bit since she seems to be playing a bit shy, and do some related crafting and decorating. Mother Holle, please stop shaking your quilt!

Hmmm… for a not-so-busy week, we seem to have quite a bit going on!

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  1. Ok I NEED to know what a nature backpack is. And also how do you decide what character trait to focus on? And if that’s not demanding enough I also want to know about how you go about planning art? Ya know, when you have a spare moment 😉

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