This week’s plans and projects

The good news? We finished our 180 days last month!

The bad news? I have a to-do list that’s a million miles long.

So… the trick this week will be to keep “doing school”—my plan is to do our science and social studies together and for each kid to do a bit of math and literature reading and then to also do read aloud and go investigate this amazing city that we live in—while making a dent in my to-do list.

Nicholas has (another) dentist appointment. Poor little guy was very late to lose his baby teeth. So late that his new teeth started crowding his old ones and he ended up with a lot of cavities in his overcrowded little mouth. So tomorrow is round 2 of 4, poor guy.

Since Monday is laundry day I am hoping to make a good dent in switching out the winter clothes for spring. With 6 children, this is not an easy job!

A dear college friend was in town for the Pittsburgh Marathon and she’ll be visiting for lunch! And then Michael has piano, which means the boys have a trip to the park.

Tuesday is my paperwork and planning day, so I’ll be filling my calendar as well.

My Katie Gracie Girl turns 11 today! I may let her choose an outing to celebrate since I don’t see anything else on the calendar.

It’s fitting that my baking day is on Katie’s birthday. I’m sure we’ll be making lots of goodies together.

I have Carmen rehearsal. I think I am making a good dent in learning the notes. Now I have to memorize the words!

Thursday is also bathroom cleaning day. This is about as exciting as it seems.

Today is one of those insanely busy day. In the morning Michael and Daddy are going to attend a rehearsal of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Then in the afternoon I have to drop Katie off for a birthday party, go to a voice lesson, pick Katie up, drop her home, and the go off to Carmen rehearsal.

Dad gets to drop Michael off at orchestra while I go to Carmen rehearsal. Then I’ll be leaving early to me the family at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School for Katie Grace’s demonstration day at ballet. Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit as well.

Mother’s Day!

What are your plans for the week?


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    That’s a busy week!
    Our upcoming week, is shaping up nicely; we have a couple of rainy days forecast, which will give me an opportunity to stay inside with the Little Ones, and get some house chores done, and then a couple of pleasant and sunny days for us to venture outside. We just rediscovered a local heritage farm, that has wonderful big open fields, a couple of small lakes and lovely trails, so I think that is on our list!
    Oh! – and My Good Man and I might even manage to sneak in a date this week, maybe sushi and a walk (which sounds quite blissful!)
    Have a great week 🙂

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