Plans and Projects

This week’s plans and projects

We’ve got a lot going on this week! We didn’t quite get the porch cleaned off– our September decluttering netted us a whole bunch of stuff that’s sitting there waiting to be whisked off by Freecyclers or the Rescue Workers. After it’s gone, we’re going to really give the porch a scrub down and get it ready for winter.

I also want to get the living room super-cleaned this week– wash the curtains, maybe steam-clean the floor, move the furniture and vacuum. I need to call someone to come check our fireplace and put in the storm door and windows as well.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Amish produce stand to get apples. We’re going to dry some and make a bunch of applesauce–yum! While we’re out that way, we might do some nature hiking and collect autumn leaves. I also wanted to pick up some nuts. Michael has soccer and Scouts in the evening. Daddy has a funeral.

On Tuesday, the pastor is taking the youth group to Gettysburg. Katie Grace has ballet, but we might skip it this week. The boys get a little out of control waiting while she dances.

Wednesday nothing special is happening other than soccer for Katie Grace and Nicholas.

On Thursday, Michael and Katie Grace are going to see The Miracle Worker. I’ll have to plan something special with Nicholas. Then in the evening it’s chimes for Michael and Brownies for Katie Grace and me. Apparently it’s some kind of makeover/beauty thing.

Friday is family day. I’m trying to come up with something fun to do. It’s the first Friday there hasn’t been a wedding rehearsal in a long, long time!

Saturday we may go to Thomas Day out at Toys R Us after everyone has their soccer games. Then again, maybe we won’t. In the evening we have a church weenie roast and hay ride.

Sunday brings the first children’s choir performance and, in the evening, Michael wants to audition for A Christmas Story.

Have a wonderful week!

Plans and Projects

This week’s plans and projects

On Monday we’re taking the day off school and Daddy is taking the day off work. We’re ending the day with a cook-out, including root beer floats.

Tuesday will be a little crazy. We have to figure out how to get Katie Grace to ballet and Michael to soccer at the same time.

Wednesday is St. Gregory’s feast day. We like to walk around the house singing in chant. We’re odd that way. Nicholas and Katie Grace both have soccer,

Girl Scout sign-ups are on Thursday.

First Friday is on Friday. We celebrate both by going to Mass and by going downtown in the evening. This is also the first day of co-op, where we’ll be learning about popes and the papacy.

The first soccer games are on Saturday.

Sunday is not only Grandparents’ Day, it’s also Rally Day at church. We make sundaes during the Sunday School hour, and after church we have a pizza lunch and a showing of Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Adventure.

We also are adding in writing, spelling, Latin, and geography to our school day. Our easy start is over!

Plans and Projects

This Week’s Plans and Projects

It’s one of those crazy insane weeks where all I can hope for in not to forget anything or leave anyone behind anywhere.

Monday: Katie Grace had Brownies. Michael went to the mayor’s office with the Boy Scouts (with explicit instructions not to tell the mayor we didn’t vote for him) and I had a baby shower for two co-op moms which I almost forgot about, despite the fact that it was my idea in the first place. God bless Rachel, our wonderful sitter, who showed up with basically no notice to watch Nicholas!

Tuesday: Katie Grace has ballet. Chip is picking up our new-to-us picnic table we found through Freecycle.

Wednesday: Michael has soccer practice. I’m going to see Evita.

Thursday: Chip goes on retreat and we host La Leche League here at our home.

Friday: Co-op! Also, in the evening we have a pizza party to celebrate with the Scouts who earned their God and Me award.

Saturday: Chip’s parents are bringing us some new-to-us furniture- whoo hoo! Also, Michael has a soccer game and Katie Grace has a birthday party she might not be able to go to.

Sunday: Sunday School and church, of course, followed by WVIA Member Day at Reptiland.

Plans and Projects

This Week’s Plans and Projects

Monday, March 17
St. Patrick’s Day: Make Irish soda bread and corned beef and cabbage for dinner.
Katie Grace has a ballet make-up class.

Tuesday, March 18:
Katie Grace has ballet.

Wednesday, March 19:
St. Joseph Day: We usually make St. Joseph cream puffs to go along with dinners.

Thursday, March 20:
La Leche League!
First day of Spring: We’ll go to Rita’s for a free Italian Ice.
Maundy Thursday: Church for foot-washing service.

Friday, March 21:
Good Friday: Stop in and visit at church between noon and three.
Bach’s Birthday: Since it’s Good Friday, we’ll probably listen to one of his Passion cantatas.

Saturday, March 22:
Dye Easter eggs!
Sondheim’s Birthday: I hope to have my new “Drama Mama” theater blog up and running today!

Sunday, March 23:
Easter Sunday: Easter egg hunt at church, followed by services. Then we’ll hop in the car to go visit Grandma and Grandpa.

Homeschool Plans
Art Appreciation: Michaelangelo’s Pieta
Music Appreciation: Bach’s St. Matthew Passion
Michael: Continue with fractions
Katie Grace: Continue with facts through 18
Language Arts: Continue on with spelling, handwriting, and reading.
Compound nouns from Lively Language Lessons at Serendipity.
Start talking about paragraph construction with Michael.
Science: Continuing to learn about what makes a fish a fish.
Bunny School: Weather related activities, especially spring, and Holy Week activities
Story of the World: Greek gods and goddesses and the Peloponnessian War
Christian Ed: Holy Week

Household and Family Plans
Deep clean the playroom.
Get Easter basket stuff ready.
Do some felting with the kids.
Make some button headbands for Katie Grace.
Pay off the library fine.
Rejoin Netflix.
Update Yard Sale blog.
Work on theater blog.