Waldorf Wednesday Link-Up #4!


Happy Wednesday!!!!

If exclamation points show how happy one is, I should have a billion of them. Yesterday I got the news that, almost two years after Matthew and Molly’s birth and my diagnosis of peripartum cardiomyopathy, or PPCM, I am completely recovered! My heart function is normal, my heart size is normal, and now we begin the work of slowly weaning off the medications. My doctor’s exact words were “If someone walked up to me and handed me a copy of your echocardiogram, I would have no idea what I was supposed to be looking for.”


I am beyond thrilled.

I am, if not equally thrilled, then at least still very happy with how Waldorf Wednesday is doing. Thank you all for sharing, commenting, and contributing. I have found several new blogs to add to my Reader and have really been enjoying seeing how we all tailor this wonderful form of education and living to our own homes.

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So what are you up to? How is the homeschooling going? How are you getting your home ready for autumn? What are your Michaelmas plans? Please share!

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    Congratulations on the great news! It’s so wonderful to experience healing.

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    Oh Annette,
    What great news! What a journey. Glad to share in your joy.

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    Awesome news! Sending blessings of continued good health.

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    Such wonderful news about your strong heart! Blessings, Lori

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    Annette! Oh, that’s the best news for sure!!!!! Wonderful!

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    So happy to have found your lovely blog and Waldorf Wednesday 🙂 And when you are sharing such wonderful news 🙂

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    hi Annette! I am visiting for the first time so am just hearing your news…that is wonderful!!

    thank you for your lovely comment that directed me here. it is so true what you said about creating meaning for the children through their handwork.

    this looks like such a wonderful place for me to share our friday preschool projects-i’ll be back. x

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