A Day in the Life

Woke up, nursed a twin.

Came downstairs, threw in some laundry, made sure Oldest Child did his trash duties since it’s garbage day—he did! and he even remembered the recycling!—and then started the oatmeal.

Nursed a second twin,started some bread.

Supervised the morning chores.

And after a breakfast of oatmeal and raisins, followed by breakfast clean-up, we had morning meeting, consisting of prayer, Proverbs, poetry (I wasn’t even going for a P theme, honest!) and role-playing our character trait of the month, gentleness. We went over our memory verse (A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.) and then adjourned to the table for science.

Doesn’t Michael look thrilled?

Some of us did yoga while others got started on their daily assignment sheets.

And then I had a brief circle time with the littles.

After I set Matthew and Molly up with something to do

we lit a candle and started Nicholas’s main lesson.

Daniel joined in Nicholas’s circle time where we reviewed skip counting and multiplication facts.

Their arms are a blur because we were practicing counting by 4’s, where we sway our arms in front of us and count 1-2-3 and then swoop them overhead for 4.

Nicholas worked on his map while I got set the bread for a second rise and started our soup for lunch. We skipped snack this morning, which is odd for us. Usually someone reminds me!

After Nick’s main lesson was over it was time for Mama and Daniel time! We told a story about a tree losing its leaves and Mother Earth keeping it warm and safe with a blanket of snow. He then colored a picture.

And then it was lunch, followed by read aloud. I met with both Michael and Katie to check how they were doing with their assignment sheets, to touch base on this week’s work, and to see if they had any questions. This is also the point where I discovered Katie Grace hadn’t read The Aeneid, so that needed to be remedied.

Today was a light day. The two bigs and I are going out of town tomorrow, so we had quite a bit of cleaning and preparing to do.

Still, there was time for piano. And isn’t it sweet how Michael puts up with his baby brother?

And for reading.

And baking.

And cleaning.

And playing!


Matthew wanted an apron and Molly wanted to be a pirate. For some reason, she thinks pirates say “Howdy howdy, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!”

And then we loaded up in the Duggar van to take Michael to piano.

When we got home we did a little Valentine’s Day decorating.

And a little more  getting ready for the trip. We raided our change jar for road trip snack money.

This is the point where the camera ran out of battery, LOL!

We had dinner and clean-up and story and evening routine, and then BED!

I hope you had a lovely day.


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    This would kill me. I am glad there are places like this in the world!

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    You are an inspiration!

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