A Month of TUESDAYS!


Hmmm… so, a month of Mondays was both a success and a—well, I won’t say failure. Let’s just say I didn’t accomplish all my goals.

I’m going to try something different this month and actually write out and publish my goals here, and hopefully that will help me meet them.

In our home, Tuesdays are

  • paperwork day
  • personal care day
  • bedroom cleaning day
  • oats day
  • red day
  • coloring day
  • piano lesson day
  • trash and recycling day

And so, what I am hoping to share with you this month is

  • How I keep up with the paperwork: menu planning, lesson planning, to-do lists, and couponing
  • 4 “Day in the Life” posts for Tuesdays
  • A peek in our bedrooms (maybe, if the kids will agree)
  • Recipes using oats
  • How we use red to signal the day
  • Coloring ideas and verses
  • Second day in the three-day main lesson block
  • Tuesday kitchen chores
  • (Maybe) some personal care recipes and photos of our haircut day

Tuesday—historically my least favorite day of the week. Monday is a brand new start, Wednesday is the middle, Thursday is my hubby’s day off, Friday is co-op, and then it’s the weekend. But Tuesday just doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. Tuesday, named for Tyr, Norse god of single combat, victory, and heroic glory. Ah, would that it were. I could use a little victory and heroic glory. It’s also associated with Mars, the Roman god of war. Now that reference more realistically reflects reality around here!

And what I missed last month but hope to get to still

  • Laundry songs and verses
  • Monday kitchen chores
  • Crafting for others

Throw in a couple Waldorf Wednesdays and a whole bunch of holidays, and I think we have ourselves a February!

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