Get Your Groove Back: What should your mornings look like?

It’s a trick question.

There is, of course, no should about it. Shoulds hold you down and hold you back.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself the question What do I want my mornings to look like?

And that, my friends, is today’s assignment.

Sit down and write out what your ideal morning would look like.  What would you do? What would your spouse do? What would your children do? Of course, you cannot actually control what other people do or how they react (and, for the good of your relationship, I would actually discourage you from making plans for your partner unless the two of you have talked it out). But you can set the stage and control your end of things. Writing it out helps you flesh out what you want and often helps you see a way clear to getting it… or at least getting close.

In my ideal morning, I would wake up at least an hour before anyone else.

I would go downstairs, make myself some lemon-and-maple-syrup water (yes, it sounds dreadful, but it’s supposed to be good for you) and read my Bible and spend a little time with the Lord before taking my shower. The downstairs would be tidy because we would have taken care of it the night before. On my way to get dressed, I would wake the children so hopefully we would time things out where we all go downstairs together.

After nursing the babies I would start breakfast with help from whoever is on kitchen duty. I would also get a load of wash started. We would eat together, do our table jobs, and end with our morning meeting.

Now, to make it happen!


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    I love “dreaming” about how I want certain parts of my day to flow and then setting about to make it happen. I am about to give birth (any day now… I am 39.5 weeks along) so I know I will be rethinking this very soon. Rhythm is a lovely word!

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      I remember doing that when I was pregnant with my twins.

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