My Daily Intentions

I recently read a post on Our Front Porch View called “11 Things to Accomplish Every Day” and was inspired to create my own list of daily intentions. The visual list I made only has 10. There’s actually one more, but it’s personal. I tried to include health goals, spiritual goals, personal goals, and goals that would help my family.

My list includes:

  • Wake up early enough to start the day right. For me, this means early enough to beat everyone else downstairs so I have time to pray, read my Bible, and do a devotional.
  • Begin the day with warm water/maple syrup/lemon juice. I also want to try to take in a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar and take my medicine and vitamins here.
  • Green smoothie for breakfast. Shouldn’t be an issue because they are yummy.
  • Stick to the plan (as much as you can). Every week I made a nice tidy little schedule. And every week I forget it exists. Sticking with the plan would make my life much easier… except when it wouldn’t, in which case I need to remember to be flexible.
  • Get outside with the kids every single day. Oh, how I struggle with this one! While I have no issue with booting my kids out the door, I am not exactly what you would call an outdoor person. But I know I need the vitamin D, the exercise, and most importantly, the time with my little ones to explore God’s creation.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes a day. We do 8 Minutes in the Morning together and the 100 Workout is part of the plan, but I’d like to do a little something for Mama.
  • Take 30 minutes to write each day. Blogging, writing for Seasons of Joy, journaling—writing is a great way for me to unwind.
  • Keep the computer away when it’s Kid Time. Having the computer in front of me when I am supposed to be schooling the children is a Seriously Bad Idea. It also keeps me from sticking to the plan (see above).
  • Read aloud to the kids and quietly to yourself every day. Read aloud time is on the plan (see above). I used to take all kinds of time to sit and read but rarely do anymore. Which is silly because I love reading!
  • Go to bed by eleven. Ten would be better. Yep.

I’m already thinking of new intentions to replace these once they become old hat.

What do you try to do every single day?


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    I need to do all of those things! The hardest for me is the not having the computer out. Because I love to write, but sometimes I feel like I need to write when I think of it. And when I write an idea on paper, I forget to look at it later. So I’ve been keeping my iPad on the counter, but I still think I need to stop doing that. He can tell when I’m distracted. Guess I have to count on my memory! But mommy memory is not so great anymore 🙂

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    Great list! The computer is a huge time sucker for me. I would love to know some recipes for *good* green smoothies. I got a vitamix a YEAR ago and haven’t gotten the hang of any good-tasting green smoothie.

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