Autumn, Circle, Seasons of Joy

Apple picking circle time!

We have been having so much fun in our circle time these past two weeks. We’ve been going apple picking. First we ride our ponies to the apple orchard, then we find the apples and pick them and put them in our baskets. After riding back home, we tell the story of how to find a cozy little room that houses five seed babies inside the apple. Then we wash our apples and make apple cake! What a wonderful thing to experience in our imaginations, day after day after day.

Because this circle requires a few props, we keep a basket so we can have everything handy– jingle bells, including baby-safe bells for the twins, a tone block for making pony clip-clop noises, and red, yellow, and green silks for the apples. You can also see my circle time folder, which holds the circle printed out from Autumn Seasons of Joy.

Someday I won’t have itty bitties to cater to at circle time anymore, but for now, I must say I love our early years circle times. Love, love, love.