Martinmas Celebration E-book!

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UPDATE: It’s here!
Seasons of Joy Martinmas e-book

Lantern walkYes, I know this would have been more helpful had it been completed a week or so ago.

Yes, I know this is short notice.

But better late than never, right?

I’ll have the finishing touches on this tonight (promise!) but I wanted to share a preview of the Seasons of Joy Martinmas Celebration e-book. It’s meant to guide you through a Martinmas gathering with friends and/or family and features stories, fingerplays, recipes, activities, and music. It will be $5 and I can’t wait to share it with you!

From the introduction:
There are two kinds of light: the glow that illumines and the glare that obscures.
~James Thurber

“Christmas comes earlier every year,” we hear with a sigh as we walk through the shops. And it’s true—every year, the garish displays beckon us and vie for our attention. Buy this. Shop for that. Keep busy, keep busy, and above all, keep shopping!

That’s one light.

But there’s another light that wants our consideration as well. This light is a gentle light. It doesn’t blind us or make us shade our eyes from its brightness. No, this light is a quiet light that serves to brighten tight corners, small spaces. It’s a light that takes one small bit of darkness and illumines it in a gentle glow.

This is the light we seek.

In the summer we’re lit by the sun and the days are warm and full of brightness that lasts well into the night. Summer fades and along comes Halloween, when many of us carve pumpkins and pop in little lights that set their faces aglow. And then… we wait. There’s a whole month of ingathering, a harvest time when we are mindful to give thanks for the goodness and mercies in our lives. And soon comes Advent, lighting a path to Christmas, which in turn leads us to Epiphany and the bright star the Wise Men followed to the Christ Child.

But what lights our path while we wait?

Nestled in the middle of November is a quiet festival, one forgotten by most. On November 11 we remember the life of Saint Martin, son of a pagan soldier, born in fourth century Hungary. After he had his famous vision of sharing his cloak with Christ, he became a Christian, then a hermit, and eventually a bishop. Brother Severus (no relation to Snape!) wrote of him
His continual wrestling against evil brought hatred from the evil ones. The heretics hated him because he scourged their actions and way of living. On the other hand the good people were full of awe and love.

And this is, I think, what we too seek in these dark days—to be a light, no matter how small, that illumines the darkness and lightens the path for others so that they are full of awe and love and inspired on to do good.

So, reclaim Martinmas… or celebrate it for the first time! Celebrate with your families, friends, playgroup, or community. Work together to create many small lights that together will inspire others.

And an original song!


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    Lovely (: I just bought the E Book. How will I receive it?

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      Just sent it! 😀

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    Hey Annette,
    I didn’t receive it in my email box. Can you try again? Looking forward to it.

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      Would you be able to email me at frontzfamily (at) gmail (dot) com? I am trying to figure out which one is you, LOL! I just figured you were the person I had just sent one to, but now I am just confused. Sorry about this!

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      OK, just resent it to both addresses. Hopefully it arrives safely! You may want to also check your spam folder, because they end up there sometimes. Thanks for your patience!

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    I just purchased and was hoping to receive it soon!Thank you!

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      I sent it out as soon as I got the email. 😀

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