Seasons of Joy Birthday Special!

It’s my birthday! My husband is out of town and the skies are gray. I don’t get a birthday crown and will probably not even have a cake unless I bake it myself, but I am still so happy to have made another trip around the sun.

To celebrate– did I mention I’m the big 4-0?– I wanted to offer the following special on Seasons of Joy:

Buy any 1 book, get a second book of your choice FREE.

Buy the 4-seasons set, get the Advent book FREE.

Just let me know what free book you would like in the Paypal  notes.

All books may be ordered here. There’s a little more information and they can be ordered here as well.

Have a joyful day!


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    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the special!
    I just ordered Autumn/Fall but did not see a place to leave my second selection on the payment (which would be Winter).

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      I’ll send you winter right away. Thanks so much!

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    Happy Birthday Annette! Thank you for your gift of the special. I had not seen your blog before. I couldn’t leave a message with payment. I ordered Autumn and would like Winter, please. I think Ithese will enhance our seasons. Thank you. Alison

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      Thanks, Alison. I’ll add it to your order and email it right away!

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    Happy Birthday! Hope the gray skies have cleared and you have a minute to treat yourself to a birthday treat. I ordered fall and would love advent as my “birthday special” book. Thank you!

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    Just realized special was yesterday. My email didn’t deliver your blog entry until this afternoon. Hope it’s a birthday weekend special:)

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      I think a weekend special is a great idea! My internet was down but I’ve fixed it now and will get this out soon. Thanks so much!

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      Thank you so much!

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    Oh Shoot i just realized it was a weekend special, I ordered spring because that’s the season were in.Ill have to wait until next year to nab that generous offer.
    Happy belated birthday

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      Just email me with the one you’d like– I would be happy to send it to you!

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