Some updates…

I keep starting and deleting and restarting and then forgetting new posts, so I decided to take the easy way out and bullet point things.

  • My youngest two will be cyberschooling with a Waldorf/Montessori twist for the next two years.
  • My middle boys, who have a spot at the local creative and performing arts magnet school, will keep their spots but also be schooling from home, at least this year.
  • My two college kids are home this semester as well.
  • I am working from home (more on that in a moment) for the most part. This semester I am teaching one Kindermusik class inside, masked, and with social distancing. For the rest of my classes and lessons, I will be teaching from home.
  • I am continuing to teach Kindermusik and private voice and piano with a local music studio. At least one of my non-profit jobs has fallen through for the autumn, and I am waiting to hear back from the other.
  • I am available to teach music to individual homeschool/remote schooling pods. I will also be teaching classes via Outschool, including Sesasons of Joy Circle and Story Times. Each of these classes will include a worksheet for parents to take with them and continue these events through repetition at home. I will be offering other classes as time goes on!
  • I’m also working with Magical Enchanted Vacations to plan trips (once it’s safe again!)

So… lots happening, and I would like to get this blog going again as well. Which leads me to today’s big question… How can Seasons of Joy… how can I… best help you during these times?