Spring Circle Time

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We’re having so much fun with Spring Seasons of Joy this year! One of the things I really do love about my e-guides is seeing the gleam of recognition in my children’s eyes as we bring back songs we sang at the same time last year. There’s something so comforting and familiar in singing certain songs at the same time each year. We may add some new things as well, but the foundation of the circle is the same

Right now we’ve been enjoying the flower fairy circle. I’ve even caught my younger ones searching yard for hidden fairies!

One of our favorite activities during this spring circle is to create a fairy ring from pillows. The children express so much joy as they leap from pillow to pillow, careful not to fall in the center of the ring and be whisked away by the fairies! Here is the activity as described in Seasons of Joy:

Create a “fairy ring”. This could be as simple as a hoop or a rope circle or a circle of
beanbags, or you could cut some felt pieces to look like little mushrooms. Play some
twinkling bells as your child dances in and out of the circle. When the music stops, if she
is inside the circle, she must pretend to fall asleep til the music starts again.

A good book related to this activity is The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies’>The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies, a family favorite.

The Fairy Ring

Let us dance and let us sing,
Dancing in a merry ring,
We’ll be fairies on the green
Sporting round the fairy queen.

Like the seasons of the year
Round we circle in a sphere.
I’ll be summer, you be spring,
Dancing in a fairy ring.

Spring and summer glide away,
Autumn comes with tresses gay.
Winter hand in hand with spring
Dancing in a fairy ring.

Faster, faster, round we go,
While our cheeks with roses glow,
Free as birds upon the wing
Dancing in a fairy ring!