Spring Seasons of Joy


As we head into the final hours of the Seasons of Joy giveaway, I thought I would take a few moments to toot my own horn a bit, something I try not to do too much.

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First off, I need to say this:

You don’t have to buy anything.

If you have an internet connection, a library card, an imagination and a heart to deeply know and love your children, you really are set.

Internet connection?
Do some research on Waldorf and early childhood.

Library card?
Get some beautiful picture books for your little ones and some grown-up books of fairy tales for you to tell. Maybe also grab a copy of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher or Heaven on Earth as well.

Focus on your child. Think about the world around them, their loves, their hopes, their dreams. Think about their needs and the areas with which they struggle. And then dream up new worlds for them. Create your own stories that speak to your child’s heart. Explore art together. Get out in nature and see what you can find.

And that heart to deeply love and know your child?
I know you have this. As you go about your daily routine, be mindful. Search your own heart. Pray and meditate. Reach out to your child and as you create a life together, explore it hand in hand.

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So, now that I have told you why NOT to buy my book, please allow me to share what Seasons of Joy has to offer.


I know that many mothers don’t have time to plan out circle times, research fairy tales and finger plays, or come up with ideas to fill your day. I’ve tried to give plenty of options while still leaving space for you to customize the program to reach your child’s unique needs.

Spring Seasons of Joy includes:

Five spring circles, including a gathering verse, a candle-lighting verse, and two close of circle verses. Each circle is full of songs, verses, movement rhymes, and more, and the themes are Winter Goodbye, Dig a Little Earth, Flowers and Flower Fairies, Raindrops, and Animals All Around.

Five fairy tales and stories with extension activities: The Three Bears, The Little Brown Seed, The Spring Beauty, The Tortoise and The Hare, and The Hut in the Forest. The stories come with a variety of activities, including crafts, original and traditional songs and verses, recipes, and more.

Ten additional finger plays and verses centered around the theme of spring.

Ten watercolor and painting stories and projects as well as step-by-step directions and a painting verse.

Ten handwork activities as well as two original verses to get you started. Many flower fairy, butterfly, and garden handwork activities are included.

An original verse and ten modeling activities that are perfect for spring.

Another original verse to set the mood and then ten spring coloring activities.

Ten activities for playtime, including wind, sandbox, bubbles, gardening and other outside activities and lots of fairy fun. There’s also rainy day fun and spring cleaning for when you’re stuck inside.

Ten spring nature table ideas, including root children, a spring grass play silk, fleece nest and eggs, and spring fairies.

Ten cooking and baking projects, including a delicious sunshine cake, edible nests, fairy cakes, and springtime sprouting.

Ten things to do with and for babies, such as a rainbow fairy mobile, bouncing rhymes, spring lullabies, and a flower hat.

Ten outings or group activities– visit a duck pond, make mud pies, have a teeny tiny fairy tea, or have a wildflower day.

In addition, there are rhymes and verses for your daily routines and a list of resources.

All of this is only $15, and you can order it here. Or you can still enter the Seasons of Joy giveaway until it ends later tonight. I also have given away multiple copies—I have made a choice to price my ebooks so that most families can afford them, but if you honestly feel that you can’t afford it right now but think you and your family would benefit from having it, please drop me an email and we’ll see what we can do.

I can be as tiny as a tiny, tiny seed,
Or I can be as tall as a tall, tall tree.
I can be as wide as the wide, wide world,
Or I can just be me!


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    We bought the fall seasons of joy guide and loved it! I have 3 kids under 6 and can’t imagine planning all that on my own. It was so nice to just open up the file and pick out our week’s activities. Unfortunately, we were unable to do the winter session because of pregnancy complications but we are getting ready to jump (late) into spring. My kids are so excited to start again! They love your circle times! So thank you!

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      Thank you so much for your kind words! I always love to hear how families are using Seasons of Joy!

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