What are my toddlers doing in September?

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We’ll be spending the first couple weeks with a gnome focus. I figure this will work in nicely with Daniel’s very first first grade main lesson focus (more on that in another post.). As I said before, we’re going to pull quite a bit from Autumn Seasons of Joy. We’ll be doing the Seasons of Joy gnomie circle, including this favorite rhyme that I wrote. The twins absolutely love this one!

We’ll also be updating our nature table. You can see an example of our autumn gnome nature table here, as well as our autumn circle gathering voice. I also have a lot of gnome ideas here. To be honest, I’m really going to have to toddler-ize things though. They’ll be three, but not until late November, so I see lots of songs and stories and mama-made projects.

The second half of September will be focused on the changing and falling leaves. If there are any left. We seem to have started early this year! We have the Seasons of Joy falling leaves circle and another circle time archived here on the blog. I can see lots of leaf rubbing, mobiles, window transparencies, and crafts in our September!

For fairy tales, I was think Rumpelstiltskin, although I’m not settled on that yet. I’m a little concerned that it will be too much for my little toddlers’ hearts. Not so much Molly– she’d go slay a dragon if she could– but Matthew is a really sensitive little guy. So I might just make up some gnome tales for them on my own. Maybe I’ll make a set of twin gnomes and have them go on adventures. Hmmm… must think on this some more.

So I’m really seeing September as a chance to get back into our rhythms and routines. Keeping in mind that I also have to oversee a ninth and seventh grader cyberschooling as well as a first and fourth grader, I’m not going to have endless amounts of time for toddler fun. And oh, you mamas with just littles, enjoy it! I miss those days! But I do hope to get back to our modeling on Tuesday, painting on Wednesday, coloring on Thursday schedule. I definitely want to have a set circle and story time with my littles. And anything else will be a bonus.

How is your September shaping up?

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    So good to have you back! We love A Donsy of Gnomes at our house (still!) The stories might be a little long for toddlers though. I have been getting our fall books and things out. Can’t wait to read Woody, Hazel and LIttle Pip – always a favorite.


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