Winter is here!

“Smooth and clean and frosty white, the world looks good enough to bite. That’s the season to be young, catching snowflakes on your tongue” -Ogden Nash

Happy Winter! Just a reminder that Winter Seasons of Joy is here to help get you through those long winter days. The book includes…

Circle Time Themes
A Winter Movement Adventure
Winter Woods
Winter Tea Time
Winter Light
Jack Frost

Fairy Tales
The Candles
The Mitten
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Star Money
The Boy Who Went to the North Wind

Handwork Ideas, Including
Paper Snowflakes
Dip Dyed Silks
Finger Knitting
Felt Doll Quilt

Playtime Ideas, Including
Puppet Play
Indoor Games
Ice and Water
Cardboard Doll House

Ideas for Baby, Including
Knitted Baby Cap
Winter Mobile
Baby Balm
Silk and Flannel Blanket

Outings and Group Activity Ideas, Including
Snow Day
Taffy Pull
Candle Time

PLUS 10 painting, coloring, fingerplay, nature table, cooking and baking, and modeling ideas.