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The Ajanta Caves in India

Today we went on an internet field trip to India.

The Ajanta Caves, carved out of rock and mountain by Indian monks back in the Dark Ages, are absolutely incredible.

The children were amazed by the sculptures and the frescoes.

Here is a wonderful 3D “map” of the caves.

And a lesson plan on painting frescoes. And an art lesson!

Finally, we’re going to paint pictures tomorrow and tape them at the top of the stairs where little hands can touch them often. Then we’ll see what happens to the “frescoes” over days, weeks, maybe even months. This will help them better understand how public art needs to be protected from the elements and the public.


  1. Ooooh, very cool! Great links.

  2. It’s amazing that the artwork has held up so well over so many years! I didn’t expect to see it so well preserved….

    Will be fun to hang the paintings up where little hands can touch them often and see what happens to them over time. Keep us posted. :)

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