Sometimes You Have to Be a Little Bit Naughty

Matilda Schubert Theatre

If you know me even a little bit through my blog, my Facebook page, or in real life, you know how important Matilda the Musical has been to me. I saw it on Broadway on my my first solo trip in twenty years (you can see it too, but hurry because it closes January 1, 2017!), and it was amazingly magical. We were lucky enough to have the touring company come here to the ‘Burgh, and I got to take Katie Grace to see it for her birthday AND went again with a friend. It might be coming to your city as well! You can check out the tour site here. All the children love the music and sing it pretty regularly, and we enjoy comparing and contrasting the Broadway and West End cast recordings. You know, as you do. So, it made a lot of sense that our very first musical of the summer was Matilda the Musical.



I had third row orchestra aisle seats. At times, the cast entered up the steps to my right. That blue flowered thing in the lower left corner is my skirt. You can see how close I was!

For future weeks, I hope to have things up more in advance, but this week is going to be a bit of a thrown together series of posts. It was a shorter week because there was technically still school on Monday and I had a seizure Sunday, which made Monday a bit of a recovery day. I also have two doctor’s appointments this week.  For now, I’m going to share a little background and possible plans. We probably won’t get to it all. I also hope to do a post showing what we did do this week. And in an ideal world, I’m hoping to have an Etsy showcase post because I really do love the idea of promoting small businesses. Finally, I’d like to write a post about a very interesting conversation we had this morning about being revolting and leading revolts. So there. I said it, which means it has to happen.

Matilda musical tourA slightly fuzzy taken by a stranger picture of Katie Grace and I at the Matilda tour.

Our plans for the week include:

  • Reading the book aloud (of course!). I was hoping to check out the audio book from the library, but probably due to the show coming to our city, pretty much every copy of both the book and the CD was gone.  And our copy is missing as well, which doesn’t fuss me too much because it means someone was reading it. So I got to send Nicholas (12) into the bookstore on his own with a twenty and instructions to (a) find the children’s section, (b) ask for a paperback copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl, (c) purchase said book, (d) DON’T BUY ANYTHING ELSE, and (e) bring me the change. He did a great job. You can also find the book on Amazon.
  • Listen to the soundtrack of the show. Listen to it A LOT. Listen to the West End and Broadway cast recordings, because they’re the same, but sooooo different. It’s amazing actually. You can find them on Amazon, Broadway here and West End here. You can also listen to the Broadway Cast Recording on Sound Cloud. Spotify has the London Cast only. You can also find lots of songs on Youtube.
  • Bake a Bruce Bogtrotter cake.
    Bruce Bogtrotter
  • Take the online Matilda quiz (after we finish the book of course).
  • Play Matilda charades. Move like the different characters and see if we can guess who they are– Matilda? Miss Honey? The Trunchbull? Mrs. Wormwood? Rudolpho? The Escapologist?
  • Creating our own Matilda costumes from dress ups.
  • Listen to School Song. See if we can make our own ABC list of words from Matilda.
  • Draw a picture of the Chokey. Maybe create a 3D representation?
  • Talk about how the created some of the special effects: the shadow puppets, the cup falling over, “throwing” the child by her pigtails
  • Watch some video clips about creating the musical, including
  • Watching video clips of songs from the show. Some of my favorites include

    When I Grow Up (There’s some chatter at the beginning)

    Revolting Children


  • Eating tv dinners (totally the kids’ suggestion!)
  • Printing out some Matilda coloring sheets or drawing our own pictures
  • More Matilda printables, including a word find and maze
  • Creating some Matilda bookmarks
  • And of course, watching the movie version of Matilda.

MatildaHopefully, we’ll manage to do a lot!