Why we DON’T have a summer bucket list (and what we do have instead)

Just like in real life, the blogosphere seems to have fads. One of the latest fads is to create a “summer bucket list” with your children. There are some truly beautiful and creative ones out there. Ucreate with Kids has a great Summer Bucket List round-up here.

After my experience giving birth, I find the idea of a “things to do this summer before we kick the bucket”-list to be a little… I don’t know, morbid?creepy? too close to home? Also, as I have said before, I am made of crafty fail.  So instead we created a summer fun list.

We can’t wait to start crossing things off!


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    I like the “go to Eder’s item. I *love* their ice cream. We’ve been there 2 or 3 times when we went to visit dh’s brother who used to live in Montoursville. They live in Woolrich now since April a year ago. Now we go up and visit the Woolrich store. We will be visiting them again the end of July, maybe we’ll make a trip to Eder’s then.

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