Etsy Collage 1

Etsy no longer allows users to create treasuries. Boo! Until someone creates a new way to do this, I’ll be experimenting with my own ideas. I really do love the idea of supporting small, at-home businesses though. Here ae some things that caught my eye this week.

I love this set of little wooden apples treated with beeswax, along with a scoop and bucket. These crochet apples are bright and colorful and squishy for little hands. There are several apple tree lacing toys on Etsy but I liked the 3-D aspect of this one. If you’re looking for a more traditional lacing/threading toy, you can find one here. And the details in this color shade matching game are amazing.

Apple Slicing


Last week’s internet outage means I’m playing catch up with posting the rest of last week’s apple posts today.

Apple Slicing

Apple week has been the perfect opportunity to keep apples out for a healthy snack– I meant for us to make crock pot applesauce as well, but sadly, that will have to be non-thematic and wait for another week– and also introduce the children to using the apple slicer. Daniel is in a public magnet Montessori school this year, and I am hoping that eventually the twins will be as well. I’ve always had a deep admiration for Maria Montessori and her work, and will be introducing the twins to some of her lessons when appropriate. This one was easy as pie.


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As part of our afterschooling with apples, we’ve been looking at the still life paintings of Paul Cezanne. Specifically, we looked at his Still Life with Apples and Still Life with Bottle and Apple Basket.


We have a little art appreciation area set up, although we may have to change it if we end up getting a hamster.

Molly Cezanne

The Apple Cake

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Books and applesWe’ve been starting off our book times with a little apple rhyme. Fingerplays are brilliant because they engage everyone from itty bitty babies who love to watch your hands move and listen to the rhyme and cadence of your voice, to toddlers who can begin to imitate and thus engage in the drama of the moment, to preschoolers and kindergarteners, who have a hang of the rhyme and rhythm of the whole thing and enjoy presenting it in its entirety as experts.

apples and fairy

I have two Michaelmas posts to get up yet. Christine Natale very graciously granted me permission to share her Michaelmas story about the falling stars that the twins and I have loved so much, and I also have our Michaelmas star bread recipe and story to share. It wasn’t a picture perfect typical Michaelmas, but in an effort to fight my continued battle against perfectionism, I’m sharing it with you anyway, warts and all.

I’ve decided I need a little structure as I get back into blogging, and have come up with some themes to take me up through Advent. I’m not going to reveal them all at once, but this week our theme is…