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The Shooting Stars: A Michaelmas Story by Christine Natale

So many, many thanks to Christine for allowing me to share her lovely story, The Shooting Stars, with my blog readers. The twins and I loved this story. You can purchase the story here. Christine is also currently working with Natalya Yeshchenko on absolutely gorgeous watercolor illustrations, two of which I’ve included in this post.

Shooting Stars

Once upon a time, at the very end of summer, three little stars looked down upon the earth and they became very distressed, for a change was taking place below them.

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What to do with Michaelmas?

Even before the divorce, Michaelmas was a bit of a challenge for me. How could such an oft overlooked celebration be so overstuffed with meaning as it was in our family? There was secular Michaelmas, the saint’s day celebration of St. Michael casting Satan from Heaven, and on top of that, it was both Nicholas’s birthday AND Michael’s name day! It was almost too much.

And now, all my wee ones will be in school on this day. It becomes a bit of a temptation to throw up my hands and say “What’s the point of even trying to celebrate? It’s not like anyone even thinks of Michaelmas anymore anyway.”