(Last) Thursday’s Treasure: Apples

Etsy no longer allows users to create treasuries. Boo! Until someone creates a new way to do this, I’ll be experimenting with my own ideas. I really do love the idea of supporting small, at-home businesses though. Here ae some things that caught my eye this week.

I love this set of little wooden apples treated with beeswax, along with a scoop and bucket. These crochet apples are bright and colorful and squishy for little hands. There are several apple tree lacing toys on Etsy but I liked the 3-D aspect of this one. If you’re looking for a more traditional lacing/threading toy, you can find one here. And the details in this color shade matching game are amazing.

Etsy Collage 1

This sweet little mousie hiding in an apple is billed as an ornament, but I can see the twins loving it. I’m also intrigued by what sort of stories I could make with this Mrs. Apple Tree prop. This green apple juicy bug and apple baby doll are both just right for carrying around, but if you’re looking to create something on your own, I found some apple colored wool felt.

Etsy TreasurySigh. Well, that wasn’t totally awful, but it certainly took more time than the old Etsy treasuries!