Waldorf Wednesday #13

The twins in their birthday crowns. No, they’re not handmade. Yes, I am OK with that.

Phew. Now that the toothpaste is out of the one-year-old’s hair, I can put this up!

I thought about skipping 13 and going right to 14, especially since we missed last week, but decided not to because I’m not superstitious.

Except sometimes, I think I kind of am. I knock on wood, I don’t stop on cracks, and if I’m walking with someone and we get separated by a telephone pole and a passerby, I always whisper “bread and butter” lest we get in a fight.

I feel the same way about astrology. I don’t believe in any of it. Except for the part about Mercury being in retrograde, because every time Mercury is in retrograde the world goes crazy.

Or you know, maybe not. Maybe I would rather believe in Mercury being in retrograde than in people just being jerky. And maybe those silly little superstitions give me the appearance of a small measure of control in a random world. Who knows.

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who bought the Advent and Winter Seasons of Joy books on Cyber Monday and you-forgot-to-remove-the-special Tuesday. If you didn’t get in on the special but would still like the book, you can find the Winter book here and the Advent book here.

And can I say, Advent is, I think, my favorite time of year. It’s the Church’s New Year! And it’s just such a lovely season filled with light and love and anticipation and yes, even uncertainty that keeps us a bit off balance. We’ve really lowered expectations for the children for Christmas this year, thanks to a nasty car repair bill that ate up our gift savings, but I’m hoping to pull off a few surprises nevertheless. I hope you’re celebrated about the season as well. If not Christmas and Advent, then this mysterious time of year where it’s neither the golden splendor of fall nor quite the shining sparkle of winter, but the whole world lies suspended in between, waiting.


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    Annette, Thanks for hosting Waldorf Wednesdays and for taking the time to visit and comment on my shared post. I loved your twins’ birth story. Best, Rachel

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    I’m really enjoying Waldorf Wednesdays–thanks Annette!

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