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Waldorf Wednesday #17

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

And happy Epiphany!

We’re enjoying getting back into the swing of things. Daniel has been loving the silliness of The Golden Goose. We’re kicking off Nicholas’s mapmaking/geography unit with a backstory about a pioneer/homesteading family. Katie Grace is in the middle of her main lesson on ancient Greece/Greek mythology and Michael is learning about the political parties in America. There’s a whole lot of interesting stuff going on here!

I’m still working on putting last week’s online unpleasantness behind me and sharing more of our Monday routines with you. I’m still working on mapping out my plans, dreams, and goals for 2013.

Thank you all so much for joining this link up! I need to go through the last two link ups’ posts and look forward to seeing them all! I also have a bunch of comments to answer. My goal is to do that over the next few days. Please know that I would love to hear about any ideas you have for building community amongst Waldorf homeschoolers/families, either in the comments or through my email at frontzfamily (at) gmail (dot) com.

Blessings on you as you begin this new year!


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