Waldorf Wednesday #19

Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

I’m slowly slogging my way out of the January doldrums. Although I do feel a little better having read that other people go through this as well. Misery loves company and all that…

I posted at the beginning of the year that my word for the year was “home”.  And I’ve already done some much-needed tasks. My mudroom was mucked out and organized. I (finally) unpacked our books and organized our little library. And I completely cleaned the house to get ready for my mama’s visit tomorrow. I even found this nifty word art for only 50 cents at Michaels!

But the best part? This.

Sheila from Sure as the World sent it to me. It was incredibly kind of her and it really brightened my gloomy January. I can’t wait to decorate it like she did here. What an awesome project to look forward to! Part of me is enjoying it just as it is, full of possibilities. Thank you so much, Sheila!

So… we had one week back in the thick of things and then this week is kind of all topsy turvy since we’re having company. Nicholas is starting a geography main lesson block and seems very intrigued by longitude and latitude and the compass rose. He also started  “building lessons” with a kind church member who happens to live down the street. Daniel seems to be striving for more meat to his kindergarten lessons, so I’ve been adding in some of the quality of numbers stuff from Oak Meadow K—  very light, mostly stories and experiences. Together with the twins, he’s been enjoying the “winter adventure” circle time from Winter Seasons of Joy. Katie Grace is in the middle of an Ancient Greece block and not at all liking how girls were treated back then, and Michael has moved to to the Executive Branch—perfect timing with the Inauguration this week! Next week will be another normal week (or as normal as we get around here) and then the next week will be a little funky again. The big kids and I are taking a trip to hear Stephen Sondheim speak, spending the night with friends, and then trading up for a new violin and cello the next day. And then co-op starts! I’m teaching two classes—one on dystopian literature and one on The Daring Book for Girls. I am excited, because I love teaching! And then there’s St. Bridget’s Day, and Candlemas, and Lent, and Valentine’s Day, and Michael turns 13, and…

Thank you for all your kind thoughts last week. I hope you all are negotiating your way through these gloomy cold gray days as well.


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What adventures have you been up to in your home? What plans do you have in the weeks ahead?

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  1. Woo Hoo! Glad you received it.

    January is kicking my butt this year as well. Yes, it is so, so good to have the support of our online friends.

    Hope you have a wonderful, Waldorf Wednesday.


  2. My fifth grade daughter will be doing Ancient Greece soon! I love your word for the year – so important. Have a nice visit with your mama.

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