Waldorf Wednesday #29


Happy Waldorf Wednesday!

Spring has finally—FINALLY!!!—sprung here in Pittsburgh.

I think.

I hope.

Knock wood.

And we had a lovely Easter, even though it was chilly and rainy.

We’ve also had two weeks off official school, which is why I haven’t been sharing any homeschool news. Holy Week was filled with church. My older kids sang 4 nights in a row! On Good Friday, my husband, two oldest, and I sang in the Schutz Passion According to Saint John. We also sang this hymn, which really spoke to my heart. I had a consult with Melisa Nielson from Waldorf Essentials earlier that day and it coalesced so beautifully with what we spoke about earlier that it gave me shivers.

This is my ending.
This, my resurrection.
Into your hands, Lord,
I commit my spirit.
This I have searched for,
Now I can possess it.
This ground is holy.

If Holy Week was filled with quiet contemplation and prayer, Easter week has been filled with noisy action and lots of trips! We’re having what we call an unschooling week. Monday we worked on revamping out schedule so it’s in place when we start again in earnest next week. Yesterday after our first ever trip on the T, we spent the morning in line at Market Square waiting to meet the Cake Boss. Sadly, we ended up leaving after we got our free cakes, because social order was beginning to break down. We read in the paper that police had to break up fights and a man was arrested for jumping the line and stealing a carton of (free) cakes! Crazy. Afterwards we met some out-of-town friends at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. And today? Who knows. We’re kicking around the idea of going to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to visit the dinosaurs, and then maybe we’ll pop over to the attached library.


I’ve loved reading what everyone has been up to, although I do have to pop over and leave comments.

Are you relaxing this week or is it business as usual?


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What joyful ways are you celebrating springtime?

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