Waldorf Wednesday #20


Pretending to sled with Winter Seasons of Joy

20 seems momentous. Yay us!

I am stealing time. I should be leading circle or cleaning a kitchen or teaching a main lesson. But I was naughty and didn’t do this last night, so I am grabbing a few moments to do it now. And instead of Doing School, Nicholas is reading and Daniel is “writing a song” and Matthew and Molly is playing piano. Katie Grace is trying to get our ancient computer to kick into gear and Michael, who isn’t feeling well, is upstairs in bed reading Les Miserables. So maybe we’re Doing School after all.

For me, that’s a big lesson in homeschooling—it all counts. There’s something inside of us that wants to neatly compartmentalize our day into school and work and play. But in reality, learning isn’t so easy to separate out from the rest of life.

It’s like that with mothering as well, I think. Much as I’d like to believe there are throwaway moments where my words and actions don’t matter so much, my children don’t so easily separate the good from the bad.

It all counts.

So, I best keep this short. What have you been doing to make things count this week?


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We’re at Waldorf Wednesday Number 20!! What milestones have you hit this week?

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    Indeed.. it all counts! I learned that from my mama.. I was homeschooled and YES it all counts!

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    Yes, it ALL counts! I’ve been thinking a lot of this lately and am continually striving…Thank you for this great post! Lori

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    Yep, I’m with you on that! We spent 15 minutes this morning watching my son’s box turtle eat mealworms. Who knew box turtles were carnivorous? It all counts!

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    This is so true! It certainly does all count, I have been thinking a lot lately about our homeschool and doing it in a way that more suits my family and our way of life. It is easy to think in a compartmentalised way but life isn’t like that is it! Life is learning for all of us.
    Thank you for a great post and the link up, I have moved to a new blog now as I focus completely on blogging about our homeschooling,

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